Request MDCB Support for a Community Clean-up

We have found that cleanups that have been brought to us from the community organically are generally more successful and better attended. We want to contribute our efforts in the most effective way possible so we’ve transitioned to the request model. We have the supplies, you have the volunteers! So, if your neighborhood or organization wants to help beautify their space, let us know! Get in touch with us on Facebook or email to schedule your group clean-up! When there isn’t snow on the ground, we are ready to roll! For general questions, please visit our Contact page.
Volunteers with the most hours logged will be recognized at our annual meeting. To log volunteer hours, please click here.

Neighborhood Clean-ups

Neighborhood clean-ups are an integral part of the neighborhood beautification process. These events bring neighbors together with a purpose in mind: to make a visible impact on their home.

Large cleanups need to be coordinated with the Muncie Sanitary District (MSD) to reserve the use of trash trucks. Smaller cleanups can happen at any time, using residents’ toters or making pickup arrangements with the MSD.

MDCB can help interested neighbors by promoting the event, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, and loaning out equipment and supplies for the event.

Tidy Up Tuesdays


The Tuesday before First Thursday8:30–10:30 AM & 2–4 PM

Join us for Ivy Tech’s Tidy Up Tuesday event as we clean up downtown in preparation for First Thursday! 

Every Tuesday before First Thursday, we’ll be collaborating with Ivy Tech students and staff to keep our downtown area clean and welcoming for all who will visit the downtown area. All are welcome to participate in either of the two allotted clean-up times (8:30–10:30 am; 2–4 pm), and local business owners are encouraged to host similar efforts in their establishments.

If you would like to participate in one or both of the tidy up shifts, please contact Alisa Wells at or call 765-289-2291 ext. 1455.