Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful has been leading monthly Downtown Cleanups for the past two years thanks to a grant from the Ball Brothers Foundation. Since we started these cleanups, there has been a dedicated member volunteer that has showed up consistently to participate and help most of those months.

Meet member volunteer, Gerry Cyranowski.  Gerry moved to Muncie in 2009 to take a job as Vice President of Clinical Services at Meridian Health Services. He is a downtown resident, and describes what he likes most about living in Downtown Muncie:

“I like urban living; the old buildings, the ambiance, interesting people, easy walk to shops and activities.”


Gerry is a native of Toledo, Ohio, but has lived in Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Georgia.  He has 23 year old son who lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a 20 year old daughter who is a student at Butler and a 16 year old daughter who lives in Michigan.  

Gerry says, “I enjoy volunteering for Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful because it’s an outdoor activity, you get to see interesting facets of downtown that you miss when in a car, and it provides an opportunity to give back to the community.  It’s very satisfying to clean up the downtown area, since I live there, but it’s also dismaying that I ‘m picking up everyone else’s litter. I wish that people would take some ownership and pride in their city. I’m surprised by the number of people I meet that have no idea what downtown Muncie has to offer.”

We agree, Gerry!

Gerry has been a wonderful member and a joy to have around at these monthly cleanups and we really appreciate his passion for our community.  Please help us in thanking him for his service and dedication to Downtown Muncie and MDCB. Also, consider joining us for our monthly Downtown Clenaups that happen every third Saturday of the month, from 9am-Noon.  Check our community calendar on the website for more details.

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