About Us:

Formed in 2016, the Urban Gardening Coalition has over 50 dedicated members who have worked together to impact our community. Members have provided thousands of pounds of free produce, worked to educate all ages about sustainable gardening, helped build therapy gardens, and collaborated with other groups to spread the joy of gardening throughout Delaware County. We also provide the space, labor, and resources to others who wish to establish their own community gardens.

        The Urban Gardening Coalition offers a place for gardeners and organizations to connect, share resources, and work together toward common goals that advance urban gardens in our community. It’s a relaxed group, filled with friendly gardening enthusiast of every skill level and all are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, held on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

Join Us:

Email in advance to find out where our next meeting will take place. Meeting location changes every month as we tour different member locations to provide a variety of inspiration, tours, and demonstrations of diverse gardens and techniques in the Delaware County Area. Contact Ryan Mast at rmast@keihin-na.com for more information.

Our Members are the most important resource we have, and work together to help achieve the goals of the group and its partners. As we grow we hope to offer more resources and tools, promotion and volunteer assistance, and much more. None of this would be possible without people willing to step up to help a community in need, dedicated individuals willing to work together for a better tomorrow, and members that believe in our goals.

Photo Credit: Chris Bucher

Our Values:

As stewards of our land and our community, Urban Garden Coalition promotes and protects these values:

Connection: Gardening realizes the interconnectedness of all things. As we nurture our soil, our plants, and the ecosystems that sustain our gardens, we understand ourselves to be part of a larger world which rewards our care with a generous harvest. When we connect with our world we also bond with each other, as family, friends, and neighbors work together to feed our community. Finally, gardening connects us to our shared heritage through ancient traditions and the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next.

Care: Gardening empowers us to care for ourselves, our earth, and each other. It provides an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ through sharing food with those in need. It creates pride of place through the cultivation of beauty in our neighborhoods and sustainability in our environment. By sharing food, sharing knowledge, or just lending a helping hand, gardening is an expression of care.

Enjoyment: Gardening inspires pleasure in nature, curiosity about the natural world, and delight in the pleasures of our environment. Gardening makes us slow down. It beckons us to come together, to appreciate beauty, to savor the taste of good food, and to take time to enjoy life.

Nourishment: Gardening feeds the body, mind, and spirit. It empowers us to sustain ourselves with healthy food, and offers opportunities to exercise, to meditate, and to learn. These therapeutic activities build physical, mental and spiritual health, nourishing the best within us to thrive and flourish to our full potential.

Investment in a shared future: We recognize that the decisions we make and the actions we take today will affect those who will share this earth tomorrow. Through gardening, we hope to leave the world better than we found it with more nutritious food, greater beauty and biodiversity, expanded knowledge, and many bountiful harvests to come.